Broadway Environmental Services

Broadway Environmental Services is a Cambridgeshire based family business specialising in the control of pests, vermin, and otherwise undesirable animals on domestic, commercial, and agricultural premises.

We believe that a proactive approach to the control of pests is the most effective. Once a population has been controlled, we can advise and implement preventative measures to ensure that unwelcome visitors do not return.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Peterborough
  • Stamford
  • Huntingdon
  • St Ives
  • Cambridge
  • St Neots
  • Bourne
  • Spalding
  • Market Deeping
  • Lincoln
  • Sleaford
  • Grantham

If you would like to discuss your pest control strategy, or if you have an infestation which requires attention, please do not hesitate to call us on:

01733 666 550 or 07872 183 175

Alternatively, you can email any questions that you may have regarding your current situation to:

Pest Control

Broadway Environmental Services provide effective, proactive solutions to prevent pests from manifesting in both domestic and commercial premises. If preventative actions have not yet been taken, we will enable you to rid your property of undesirable visitors before aiding you with a strategy to prevent them from returning.

We will always aim to provide your home or business with the most effective methods to control and eliminate your pest population whilst ensuring that we cater for your budget.

Whether you have infestations of vermin, wasps, bees, insects, moles, and many other forms of pests, Broadway Environmental Services can help you return your premises to only your desired occupants.

Bird Proofing

Avian flocks have been a common blight in built up areas for centuries and are one of the most commonly reported pests in the indusstry. Birds commonly use buildings for a multitude of purposes whether it be roosting or nesting. A common sign of a bird infestation is a presence of nest structures, feathers, and excrement, all of which are undesirable remains.

Broadway Environmental Services will define the most appropriate and effective proofing strategy which will be devised based on your circumstances and the extent of the devestation caused by the avian population. We are able to deploy spikes, netting, wires, as well as many other bird proofing methods in order to prevent the effects of birds in a proactive approach.

All of our bird proofing methods are humane and in line with industry standards. Our bird proofing services can be used to protect private properties, office buildings, industrial units, farms, and many more.


Broadway Environmental Services appreciate that agriculture is a fundamental component in society which we depend on to provide the population with sufficient foods. We also understand that crops and livestock can be devastated by pest populations through consumption and spread of disease.

We are able to offer dedicated services which are tailored to farms in order to reduce and prevent the effects of pests on your premises.


We work with many different types of businesses and have been able to provide effective solutions in an array of different scenarios. After a review of your premises, we are able to identify and target infestations within your business premises to help rid your commercial property from unexpected visitors.

It is important for businesses to observe and comply with regulations in order to avoid penalties for malpractice. For this purpose, our offerings will be designed within the regulations set out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Annual contracts for the control of rodents and vermin are available to ensure that you have continued support with pests on your business premises.


Our range of professional services is suitable for household issues related to infestations and other pest populations. You can rest assured that our domestic services are of equal effectiveness and quality as the methods used with our commercial customers.

We can help you with any of the following:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Carpet Beatles
  • Fleas
  • Rabbits
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Ants
  • Squirrels
  • Birds